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Selecting a method of drug detox depends on whether an individual wants to avoid a positive test at work or if they wish to be completely clear of additive substances as a step towards a major change in lifestyle. The latter goal could be reasonably described as rehabilitation, or ‘rehab’ for short. Rapid opiate detox was introduced twenty years ago by doctors in Israel and has since been modified by safer medications that have FDA approval.
Rapid Detox
Withdrawal from a medication in the absence of supportive intervention can last for several days. The symptoms can be very unpleasant and painful, to the point that this puts people off going ‘clean’. Rapid detox, which involves placing the patient under anesthesia so they don’t feel the severe pain and other symptoms, is reputed to affect complete clearance in as little as two hours. This is expensive and the safety of this approach remains to be proven. It is also a very extreme way of passing a laboratory test.
Reasons For Testing
There are many reasons why an individual may zombie buy kratom online be asked to submit to a routine lab test. It may be related to a job or be necessary to get a job. Other reasons for testing include competitive sports, as part of a physical examination required for taking out life insurance and people who are on probation or parole. A young person may be asked to test for drugs at school. Obviously, the only foolproof way of being 100 per cent sure to pass a test is to abstain completely.
Clearance Time
The necessary period of abstinence depends on the average clearance time of the molecule in question. Some substances, such as amphetamines, short-acting barbiturates, cocaine and opiates, for example, can clear the system in less than a week. Others like benzodiazepines (valium) or LSD can take up to ten days. Some substances, like cannabinoids (marijuana), phenobarbital and steroids may take anywhere from two or three weeks to a matter of months. These times are based on urine analysis.
Detox Drinks
There are many preparations available zombie over buy kratom online zombie buy kratom the Internet online that are marketed as ‘detox drinks’. Some are also available to purchase over the telephone or at selected retailers. Many of them are active for only a few hours, just long enough to pass a drug test.
Total Rehabilitation
Passing a drug test may be sufficient for casual drug users who want to remain employed and out of jail. For people with a giant monkey on their back who want a complete lifestyle change, an extended program of detoxification and rehabilitation is necessary. This approach needs to incorporate psychological, social and behavioral issues.
Residential Treatment
Residential programs are promising because they remove the individual from the environmental and social influences that encourage the drug using lifestyle. They also allow residents to gain confidence in forming relationships with non-drug users. When the patient is released back into the community, a successful program will provide follow up to prevent backsliding.