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Last year an article was published on Forbes. The article was written by contributing author David DiSalvo who generally writes articles on science technology and culture. The article was written after the long Bath Salts controversy which we may all remember. His article did a good job at describing Kratom but the article had numerous factual errors such as the tried and true media myth that

Top Kratom Vendors 2012

Kratom causes hallucinations and delusions. As we all know this is totally false but it has been reported in the media constantly and still is today. DiSalvo was not familiar with kratom when he wrote this articleand he seemed to have done little research into the true effects.

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Gastric and duodenal antiulcer and cytoprotective effects of proglumide in rats. The cholecystokinin antagonist proglumide enhances the analgesic effect of kratom very high dose dihydrocodeine. Clinical Journal of Pain. Watkins LR Kinscheck IB Mayer DJ. Potentiation of opiate analgesia and apparent reversal of morphine tolerance by proglumide.

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