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If you have an addiction to painkillers or any other serious drug, you might be wondering about the stages you have to go through before you can be clean and sober in the long term. What level of treatment you need depends upon the length and seriousness of your addiction. If you’ve been taking large amounts of drugs for more than a month or two, then you may need inpatient treatment with drug quality detox, good long-term kratom therapy, and vendors an addiction support group. On the other hand, if your addiction is not that severe, you may be able to do a simple drug detox at home.
What is Drug Detox?
In any case, you can expect to experience some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, especially during the first week of recovery. Drug detox is the post-quitting week or so when your body flushes the toxins out of your symptoms while trying to regain a state of internal balance. You can expect a lot of inner turmoil during this period. Your body is used to receiving that regular dosage of strong drugs, and when it doesn’t get that dosage, it doesn’t know what to do.
However, if you give the body time following drug detox, it will naturally recover its state of equilibrium.
What types of Drug Detox are there?
There are two main types of drug detox. The one you quality use depends good upon kratom the seriousness vendors of your addiction.
1. Cold turkey: Quitting cold turkey is the simplest quitting method. You just stop taking the drug. It may even take locking yourself in a room and enlisting the aid of friends and family to make sure you don’t get more of the drug. In any case, quitting cold turkey is not recommended for anyone who has a severe addiction. Withdrawal can be painful with some potentially very serious side effects.
2. Replacement therapy: For some types of drugs, particularly opiate medications, you can use replacement therapy to help reduce your need for the illicit drug. Essentially, your doctor will take you off your illicit drug by putting you on a new drug that has the same chemical processes but without the impairment or the euphoria. You’ve probably heard of methadone, but there are other opiate replacement drugs on the market. The problem with this method is that you replace one addiction for another one, and your new addiction will be just as quality good kratom vendors hard to quit. That’s why many recovering addicts stay on methadone for years.