Phenibut And Kratom Erowid

Naltrexone has been reported to cure alcoholism. Yes I said the cure word. That is a big statement for a disease that is epidemic and kills millions of phenibut people kratom each erowid year. Plus, how many diseases can we actually cure? We can treat the symptoms for quite a few diseases, but cure? Not that many. And here is how you do it. You actually have to keep drinking to be cured. Talk about controversial.
Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist, and was originally phenibut kratom approved erowid for opioid dependence. Now it is used mainly for the treatment of alcohol dependence. Research done with Naltrexone and alcohol addiction have had mixed reviews. There have been numerous double-blind clinical trials that show about 70% of the people given Naltrexone measured reduction in heavy or excessive drinking over a placebo. Even so, that is a long way from a cure. Some trials that measured abstinence found Naltrexone to be not much better than the placebo. The reason for such results is thought to be the poor adherence to daily medication regimens. Therefore, it is the daily medication regimens that are thought to be the problem. In those studies, 50mg or more of Naltrexone ws taken by participants every day whether they were drinking or not. Naltrexone is found to work best if you take it only on drinking days – not every day; and you take it one hour before the first drink. When Naltrexone is taken in this way, compliance is not an issue.
Dr. J.D. Sinclair’s phenibut discovery kratom of erowid pharmacological extinction found that the drug Naltrexone, 50mg tab, when taken 1 hour before drinking can actually reverse the pathways in the brain caused from long term drinking. Sinclair uses a process call selective extinction which removes the behaviors related to alcohol craving and abuse but supports and strengthens phenibut the other kratom erowid behaviors reinforced by endorphins.
When a person drinks alcohol, endorphins, the body’s naturally produced opiates, are released in the brain. Endorphins are hormones that provide a shortcut for learning. Our brains use these shortcuts for reinforcing many behaviors. Every time a person drinks, endorphins are released, and the behavior is reinforced in the brain. If you have taken a Naltrexone tablet and then drink, the endorphins are still released by the alcohol, but they bounce off of the receptors that are blocked by medication. The behavior is not reinforced.
Endorphins are also released in many healthy ways. For example, when we exercise, have sex, cuddle puppies, eat spicy foods, etc. On non-drinking days when we can enjoy these healthy activities, Naltrexone will also block these endorphins and these behaviors will not be reinforced. We want the endorphins reinforced when we do healthy activities, and we want the endorphins suppressed when we do harmful activities like drinking. Therefore, it is recommended that you take Naltrexone only on drinking days. Craving and drinking will decrease over a few months if you always take Naltrexone before drinking.
People who benefit most from this method are people who want to stop drinking and have tried other ways, people who are high risk drinkers like binge drinkers and heavy drinkers, or people who want to stop drinking gradually and avoid uncomfortable detoxification. Do not take Naltrexone if there has been opiate use within the past 7 to 10 days. Naltrexone will put you into withdrawal. Consequences of large doses of opiates mixed with Naltrexone are serious. If you have liver damage, avoid taking large doses of Naltrexone. The drug is well-tolerated at the 50mg dosage.
Over an approximate four month period, drinking in combination with Naltrexone will restore the brain to its original condition pre-addiction. That is why it is called a cure. This would not be true for people that attend Alcoholics Anonymous or other 12 step groups. These people are still alcoholics. Their brain has never been restored to a pre-addiction state. That is why they say once an alcoholic – always an alcoholic.
Remember the golden rule: drinking plus Naltrexone equals phenibut and kratom erowid cure.