Mitragyna Speciosa Tincture Liquid

Religion has been described as the opiate for the masses, but it is far worse than that. For centuries religion has given us war and more people have been killed because one belief differs from another. Yet Jesus said that we should love our God and love our fellow man. He didn’t say anything about killing someone with a different opinion.
Churches are a great place to go and worship and to meet friends of like-mindedness. Yet, they drive a stake and separate us because there is a competition between church states. Each one wants to be the most powerful because this power gives them the control over people’s lives.
There is something totally wrong with this. Religion is supposed to bring people closer to God and thereby closer to one another. However it is doing exactly the opposite and why is this? Simply for greed and power, which mitragyna is now speciosa tincture and liquid has always been the greatest thing preventing man to reach the next level of evolution.
To evolve is the primary reason for us. It is everyone’s mission to reach the next level of existence. Up to now we have been evolving at a very slow pace, but more recently some have begun to see the truth. This truth is nothing that you can find in any of the organized religions that have been stifling our natural progression for centuries.
The truth is that God is not some being sitting up in heaven so far removed from us that we couldn’t touch him with a million-foot pole. God is here among us and part of us. He is all around you in everything you can see and feel and touch. He is in the air you breath or the rock you lean on or the tree you sit under.
Everything and everyplace is God. We are a collective consciousness and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Instead of removing ourselves from God we need to know that mitragyna speciosa we are tincture liquid connected to God. Our mind’s are a part of the Cosmic Consciousness with every bit of the abilities that is possessed by the Cosmic Consciousness.
Instead by listening to the religions of the world we have shut ourselves away from God to listen to men, who are the creators of religion, tell us lie after lie just to mitragyna speciosa tincture liquid further their own cause. AND IT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR CENTURIES.
Instead of listening to these people that have only their own interests at heart listen to yourself. Increase your natural capacity of your mind to connect to the Cosmic Consciousness. You have a channel that can communicate with the Cosmic Consciousness and this is through your subconscious mind. You know the part of the mind that you cannot access because the methods to access it has been overshadowed and undermined.
This part of the mind, the subconscious, which has been completely misnamed, is your direct link to the truth and to your ability to have anything you want. There is a Cosmic Conscious in there waiting for you to use the knowledge and to harmonize with it so that you can be more. Stop listening to the limiting belief perpetuated by men mitragyna that want speciosa to tincture control liquid you.
Learn the ways that will take you to the next step in your development and closer to God. Take back what has been taken from you. Reclaim your rightful link to the Cosmos and give yourself the greatest gift you’ll ever receive.
Now to answer the questions I pose at the beginning of the article. Religion has given you lies and deceit and it has cost all of us countless years of suffering due to limiting beliefs. It has also cost us millions of lives by killing men and women and children for the sake of some religion or another. But the gravest cost has been to our development. Just think where we might have been if we had been allowed to know the truth and grow in harmony to the oneness that we should have accomplished long ago.