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Heroin is a heavy opiate that has been plaguing society for years. While it is most often brought over from Afghanistan, where the poppy plant thrives, where did heroin come from? Who decided that heroin was necessary? And the important question, did anyone ever realize how this drug would effect so many people, be responsible for millions of deaths and tear apart so many families?
Heroin is the opiate that comes from the poppy plant. In 1895, Bayer (yes, the Aspirin company) introduced their over-the-counter pain killer, heroin to the public. During this time it was popular to abuse morphine, so Bayer was proud of heroin because it was a non-addictive pain killer. For twelve years Bayer marketed heroin as a non-addictive pain killer, and a cure to morphine addictions. However, they soon found out that heroin almost immediately turned into morphine once it was ingested, and mitragyna speciosa pills was just a quicker way to get high on morphine. Heroin was made illegal in 1924 – yet has had no problem gaining popularity as an extremely strong and addictive opiate.
Heroin abuse is tearing our society apart. The only real way to handle this is be enrolling in a mitragyna long-term speciosa drug rehab. pills One of the biggest barriers to heroin recovery are the withdrawal symptoms a person goes through when they come off heroin.
Withdrawal symptoms from mitragyna speciosa heroin include; pills vomiting, nausea, body and bone aches, insomnia, flu-like symptoms, extreme cravings, hot and cold sweats. These symptoms can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Most heroin addicts will cite the incredible pain from these withdrawal symptoms as the main reason why they do not stop abusing the drug.
It is vital to realize that heroin abuse can be handled, but it needs to be done immediately. Heroin addicts are more susceptible to HIV, Hepatitis C, STDs, and overdose deaths because of their heroin use.
If you or anyone you know is in need of help for a heroin abuse problem please enroll in a heroin rehab immediately. Help is available.