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The media has been spending a LOT of time lately dissecting the race question regarding the health kratom news care dispute.
Let report me put it kratom in a news report context. In Israel, there are Israelis and Palestinians that live in peace together, they are friends, they work together, they like each other, or just don’t care one way or the other. On both sides, you have extremists, they throw stones at each other, they bomb each other, they hate each other. I wonder if they even really know why they hate each other so much, to the point where that is all we focus on. Its these people, on both sides, that make it impossible to makes peace in Israel, because both want one thing and one thing only, a compromise is not an option. (I simplify obviously)
It is obvious that people in the United States do not like President Obama because he is a Black man. That is an undeniable truth, I think everyone, even President Obama agrees that some people don’t like him purely because of his race. But, the question remains, are people disagreeing with President Obama’s Health Care Reform Plan because of his race. I do not think so. It would be more accurate to say, people are kratom news scared report of the Government because, and I’m sure many of you will just love me for saying this, of the Bush/Cheney administrations implementation of pushing the idea of fear into the hearts and minds of the American people. This developed, not only a climate of fear surrounding 9/11, but distrust in our government. President Obama can do no RIGHT because people are afraid of how powerful our government has become or will become. Regardless of how intelligent or helpful President Obama’s Health Care Reform proposal may be, many people are too afraid to agree with it because of what it may or may not mean for the future of American Health Care. This is obviously just my opinion, but I don’t think the underlying issue here is race, but fear.
Anyone who has read Karl Marx, or knows anything kratom news report about Trotsky realizes that Obama is not a Marxist. Learn the ideology of Communism and you’ll learn that neither the USSR, Cuba, China, or North Korea are or were remotely Communist societies. They are or were dictatorships, of which the United States, because of our great Constitution, has no risk of becoming. If you think it is a risk, think about how difficult it would be to ratify the Constitution to allow for that to happen. Its not realistic. Its frustrating to hear how many people continue to push the issue of Obama and Marxism or Socialism. Most of these people haven’t read a word of Marx to even understand his understand of how Communism is formed. Many are speaking to what they’ve heard about Marx. Its the same people that think the USSR was truly Communist. President Obama is very much a capitalist, he likes making money and having privileges. That fact alone proves he isn’t a Marxist.
The point is, people are afraid of where we have been and where we are going as a nation. I think that is why a lot of these other issues are coming up. With a war we don’t want, don’t think we need, kratom and news our report economy and deficit slowly plummeting, its no wonder people are afraid.
Karl Marx once said that religion is the opiate of the masses. Remember, Marx was first and foremost a Philosoper, not a politician. Today it may be more accurate to say fear is the opiate of the masses. Fear has a paralyzing affect on people, to the point where they fight change. Fear of change is a more accurate perception of what is happening in America today. As another Marxist once said, There is nothing to fear, but fear itself (I paraphrase), FDR, the father of the New Deal, and someone that many claimed was a socialist once said to the American people during the Great Depression. Regardless of whether you believe this or not, FDR is someone that many believe helped carry the US out of the Great Depression. The Welfare state, as many call it, allowed people to begin life again.
It is obvious that there are people in this great country of ours that hate President Obama because of his race, but I think people are more afraid of him or at least his ideas, than they originally thought. People wanted kratom Change during news the election. report President Obama clearly discussed his Health Care Reform Plans for the US during the election, but still we act surprised at what he is proposing.
The kratom question of news report the Public Option is driving everyone mad, well, if you don’t like the Public Option don’t opt in! You don’t want a government run Health Care Plan, don’t chose that one. But don’t stop others from being able to make that choice for themselves, especially if its the only one they can afford. And if so many people are against the Public Option, what makes them think it will drive Private Health Care out of business?
Trust. The great thing about our the US Constitution.if the American people don’t like a law that has been passed, we can change our minds, we can actually change our minds! The law can change. You just have to have a majority agree with you!
The heart of the matter is, we’re scared. Until we can be honest about that then nothing will change, and all this work will be for not. Maybe we don’t trust our government completely, and that is our right, but give them a little bit of credit. Not a lot, but a little. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe this time we are on the right track. And, if we’re not, we will soon find out! And certainly change our minds!