Kratom Legal Herbal Opiates

Combination TENS Unit
This machine has a selection of three waveforms and is used for acute and chronic pain syndromes which have become accommodated to the continuous square wave form of the conventional TENS. Pain relief will usually last longer due to the regenerative effect the burst or modulated waveforms have on the endogenous opiate system.
Hand-held TENS Unit
Hand-held, low frequency stimulators are extremely simple to use, easy to manage, and very effective for arthritic-type pains. Due to the low frequencies of between 1-30 p.p.s. (pulses per second) they are best suited to the treatment of chronic pain.
Due to ease of use, and slow pulse rates (1-4 pulses per second) this machine kratom legal herbal opiates is especially suitable for tinnitus, sinus, RSI, tennis elbow, neck, shoulder and joint pain. The readily available 9 volt battery lasts for approx 500 hours.
TENS with needle acupuncture
TENS, combined with needle acupuncture stimulation, has provided good results with analgesia, pain relief, healing and homeostasis.
Most modern day acupuncture clinics use electrical needle stimulation. This is achieved by attaching alligator type clips to the needles and adjusting the frequency control to suit the condition to be treated. Because of the long history of acupuncture, there is a wealth of precise and readily available information in the form of clinical literature books and charts. Acupuncture today requires very little modification due to tried, tested and proven results which have been documented over thousands of years.
Dental TENS
TENS can be used to produce electro-dental anesthesia and is a valuable adjunct or alternative to the administration of local anesthetic to patients suffering local anesthetic allergy.
Increased levels of comfort post-operatively are due to the extra blood flow to the area being treated. The teeth do not have to recover from a kratom loss legal of blood herbal opiates flow as with local anesthetic.
Patients are in total control of the intensity of stimulation. The procedures are non-invasive, safe, and well accepted by dentists and patients alike. Evidence clearly indicates that TENS can diminish the pain invoked by dental stimuli.
Childbirth TENS / Labor Tens
TENS analgesia is commonly used in Sweden, Holland, England kratom legal herbal opiates and Japan for childbirth pains. Studies conducted in Sweden have demonstrated that TENS is the only analgesic required by 70% of women in labor.
One of the main advantages of TENS in childbirth is that it can be simply administered by midwives. Other advantages are:
It is drug-free so there are no harmful side effects to mother or child;
The mother is fully aware of the birth process;
She has full control of her pain by varying the output intensity in accordance 16 with the labor contractions.
The effects of TENS on the developing foetus are not known, and the use of TENS during the early stages of pregnancy should be avoided.