Kratom First Time User

If you’re addicted to pain pills, maybe you can relate to my story.
It must have been the 950th time I’d tried to get a handle on my addiction to pain pills (Vicodin was my favorite) – something that had started out as a drug I took every once in a while for fun, but was turning into an every-chance-I-get habit – and failed. I was starting to get really scared, scared that I’d have to stay in this hell hole that was taking away my life and my money and my family, and I vowed not to give up until I was out of the clutches of this addiction to opiate pain pills.
Finally, finally, finally, I DID quit Vicodin, and in this article I want to share with you a couple of the things I did that made a huge difference.
First of all, I used an acupressure technique I’d learned that flattened desires to take pills like nobody’s business.
If I did this technique morning and night, it made a huge difference in the intensity of the cravings.
There’s not enough room here to explain it in detail, but it was something that I did that miraculously made my cravings for Vicodin MUCH, MUCH less, to the point that I could actually decide not to kratom take the time pills, user whereas before I’d be running out the door to score before I knew what hit me!
The first time I discovered the power that this technique had, I was awestruck. I knew in that moment that I would kratom be able time to user get rid of this addiction, and I was overjoyed. Next, I set up a subliminal-message CD to run all night long, to saturate my brain with positive suggestions.
You’re getting ready to fight a deadly enemy, and I say the more weapons you have on your side that enable you to kill the beast, the better.
That is why I recommend you get and play such a CD all night long to bolster your courage and your resolve, and to make it as easy as you can to make it through the critical first few days and weeks.
(A search for subliminal CDs on Google will yield results.)
NEXT, I know this will probably be the last thing you’ll feel like doing as you’re going through whatever level of withdrawal you’re going through, but I heartily recommend doing a few minutes (10, 15) of yoga every day.
It’s just simple stretching that leaves you feeling like you really kratom first time user don’t want to take any substance to alter your peaceful feeling. It is awesome. A great tool for staying clean. Beginner’s books and videos for yoga are all over the place.
I’d recommend the age-old Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28-Day Exercise Plan. If you’re weary of the dreary merry-go-round of addiction to prescription pain pills, resolve that this year, 2010, will be the year you will get free.
It CAN be done, and it is SO worth it.