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The reality of chronic pain is unfortunate and all too often, devastating. Not only does the individual suffer daily in great pain, but because this is not an outwardly visible condition, family members and friends are often extremely frustrated because they don’t understand what it’s like, and can’t seem to help. What’s worse is that patients have been frequently brushed aside by providers who think the patient is ‘faking it’, or that it’s ‘all in their head’. The distrust between patient and provider can be further amplified by the long term use of narcotic pain relievers. If a patient responds to prescriptions, he or she might be more willing to request continued therapy, but medical practitioners are rightfully trained to be wary of drug seeking behavior, and may kratom 300x write the patient off as a ‘junkie’ or an addict. Can you see how this condition feeds suffering onto more suffering. kratom 300x What we need is to break the cycle.
As long as humans have been alive, they have sought ways to eliminate pain. In our modern society, we have compiled a long list of effective agents in the treatment of acute, but unfortunately we have made limited inroads into the elimination of more chronic pain states. One of the most cutting edge surgical procedures is the implantation of a device to provoke deep brain stimulation. This therapy has provided an exciting avenue to helping people, but unfortunately it is currently cost prohibitive and carries a significant risk. But the mechanism of deep brain stimulation relies on a concept that functional neurologists have known for decades: when the electrochemical physiology of the brain changes to a state of decreased activation, pain signals will become amplified. And further: The brain and nervous system will accommodate and change based on the stimuli it is exposed to. This is otherwise known as neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity will generally work in your favor and your brain and nervous system will adapt and change to help you navigate through your life and your environment. But when a deleterious process starts and is not promptly halted, the system can backfire and become ‘plastic’ in a negative way. The challenge then becomes one of halting the progress, and reversing the changes which have taken place.
Whether the initial insult was trauma, or mental or kratom of 300x a chemical nature, a skillful practitioner will attempt to elucidate the triggering mechanism and work to ward eliminating it. This is kratom not 300x always such an easy thing to do! But if one or many factors can be recognized, eliminating their influence can help set the stage for recovery. The next step is to ‘unwind’ the nervous kratom system 300x and promote change which will be conducive to decreasing pain levels.
Functional neurology clinicians might see manifestations of dysfunction of the pontomedullary reticular formation, which resides in the pons and medulla of the brainstem. This key area is critical to blocking pain signals from the rest of the body through the periaqueductal grey area. This part of the brain produces opiate type chemicals which kratom 300x not only halt the transmission of pain signals to the brain, but they can also block pain signals from entering the spinal cord itself. And as the deep brain surgical implantation devices have shown, electrically exciting certain brain areas can show marked reduction in pain levels. This effect can be duplicated as well, by using the body’s own nervous system as a means to excite the brain because specific brain areas can be targeted for therapy based on their function. If a deficit is found, it is imperative that treatment methods are employed to restore the lost function. Each brain area can be targeted individually, while still boosting brain activity at a gross level. Remember, specific brain areas control and contribute to specific functions, but the kratom whole 300x brain must work kratom 300x in a coordinated and controlled manner. With time and effort, the deficits can be retrained, and pain levels can drop as the brain itself starts to fire at a higher frequency level. This is entirely possible in the hands of qualified practitioners who understand the complexities of the human brain and it’s role in pain modulation. If you or a a loved one continues to suffer with chronic pain, I strongly encourage you to seek help, find answers and never, never give up.