Is Kratom An Opiate Agonist

People who jog often experience so called ‘jogging high’, or runner’s high – but what does that expression actually mean – and what triggers it?
During and after the exercise, your body produces a large amount of endogenous morphines, hormones also known as hormones of happiness. These hormones lead to a state of natural euphoria, making you feel really light, enthusiastic and happy – that’s why they are often simply referred to as jogging high.
Endorphins are opiate proteins which have pain-relieving and mood elevating effects on the body.
– What triggers this state?
Many experts argue that secretion of these hormones happens due to stimuli of your body and brain working in a harmonious fashion. It has been tested and proven that endorphin levels actually increase with exercise.
Although jogging high is mostly associated with feelings of joy and relaxation, endorphins are generally known for their mood changing effect – which suggests the possibility of negative mood shifts as is kratom an opiate agonist well.
– How long does jogging high last?
While jogging high kratom can opiate only agonist last a couple of minutes, the great overall feeling sticks with you long after you’re through with exercising. This is the main reason it is often compared with an orgasm (believe it or not).
– Can jogging high be addictive?
Absolutely! Unlike other addictions, this is a perfectly natural and healthy way to get a daily dose of your favorite buzz. In addition, this can be the best motivation to actually make you want to go out and work out – because you know that when you’re done, you’re going to feel really great for the rest of the day.
To conclude with – jogging high is a term used to describe your body going through some sort of physical and emotional shift. The feelings related to this phenomenon are still not clearly defined yet as it is impossible to generalize them, because individuals tend to experience and describe them differently.
There’s only one real way to find out – Start jogging and become a jogging junkie yourself!
It may be the only way for you to discover whether jogging high is nearly a myth, or it’s indeed the most natural buzz you can get without using drugs!
Remember that jogging high is only the smallest part of jogging benefits for your health. There’s plenty more waiting for those willing to commit themselves to this great sport.