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What Is Male Menopause & Its Symptoms
Ever wonder experience why kratom even md those premium of us dose response that continue to exercise regularly and try to stay in shape but still find it difficult to perform in the bedroom like we did in our younger years?
The culprit is andropause which is better known as male menopause. When men age, our bodies make less testosterone (an essential make sex hormone) than they used to, causing male menopause to set in. Below are the many symptoms of andropause that men just attribute to aging:
(1) lethargy or decreased energy
(2) low interest in sex or decreased libido
(3) deteriorating sexual performance due to difficulty in erections or not able to maintain erections for long
(4) muscle weakness and aching
(5) always being emotionally overwhelmed
(6) sleeping problem
(7) hot flashes
(8) night sweats
(9) low self-respect
(10) thinning of bones or bone loss
Is there anything we guys can do to raise our level of testosterone naturally?
The 1st thing to do is to exercise regularly. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have higher sex drive. This may be related to surges of testosterone that occur immediately after doing resistance training like lifting weights, or right after endurance training such as running.
Besides exercises to pump up your body’s production of testosterone, there is another more pleasurable way to achieve this.
Yes, because there are certain food that can naturally build up our testosterone levels. Here are the food choices to boost male hormone levels according to Larrian Gillespie, experience a retired kratom Beverly md premium Hills dose urologist response and author of The Gladiator Diet:
(1) Oysters which contain protein, magnesium, lots of zinc.
Along with increasing your physical endurance, oysters pack more zinc than almost any other food source. Zinc plays a key role in muscle growth and testosterone levels.
However, oysters are relatively high in sodium making them a poor choice for people with heart disease or hypertension. They also may contain a bacteria called vibrio that can cause illness when eaten raw, particularly for people with a weakened immunity system. The best way to cut down this risk is to broil or grill them until well done.
(2) Lean beef which contains protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, saturated fat.
Beef specifically offers the added benefit of high protein and zinc – two essential nutrients to optimize testosterone level and building muscle.
(3) Beans (baked experience beans, kratom md premium dose response lima beans, navy beans and kidney beans) which contain protein, fiber, zinc. Canned beans are as nutrious. Beans have the highest zinc nutrient among vegetables and some such as baked beans have as high zinc content as those find in red meat. Other rich sources of zinc can be found in pecans, pumpkin seeds, chicken peas, nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and wheat bran.
(4) Poultry which contains lots of protein and little fat.
According to John E. Morley, director of the Division of Geriatric Medicine at St. Louis University, high protein diets have a positive impact on muscle mass and testosterone levels. High fat has the opposite effect. So, let’s eat a lot of chicken meat so that we cann have a good time with chicks.
(5) Eggs contain both protein and cholesterol. According to Robert S. Tan, an associate professor of geriatric medicine and an andrologist at the University Of Texas in Houston, testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol and as such, food containing cholesterol is a good source for building up your testosterone. Eggs are a source of pure,unadulterated cholesterol, and one recent study showed that the excess cholesterol in eggs isn’t as harmful as previously thought.
(6) Cottage cheese contains lots of protein and very little fat. (only1% milk fat)
(7) Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts contain fiber, indole-3.
Indole-3 is an essential nutrient that can help to cut down bad estrogen which causes fat accumulation and interfering with muscle growth. Fiber is great for controlling weight.
(8) Asparagus is a libido booster which is high in Vitamin E (a great sex vitamin)
(9) Sauerkraut (sourcrout) is a type of fermented cabbage that is said to boost men’s sexual activity after they consume it.
(10) Garlic contains allicin.
Clinical studies indicate that experience kratom md premium dose response garlic’s active ingredient enhances testosterone level and inhibits cortisol, a hormone that competes with testosterone, limiting its actions and breaking down muscle tissue.
(11) Ginger stimulates the circulatory system increasing blood flow to the genitals which causes erection and more sensitivity
(12) Ginseng helps in the production of nitric oxide which is essential for smmoth muscle relaxation and erectile function.
(13) Celery makes a man irresistible.
Raw celery contains the male hormone androsterone which can act as a pheromone to trigger female attraction.
(14) Bananas are perfect food for bedroom endurance.
They contain Vitamin B which aside from being the key to convert carbohydrates into energy, is believed to help manufacture testosterone. Munching on one before your bedroom wrestling can help you to last longer in bed.
(15) Honey gives more energy and contributes to arousal.
The simple carbohydrate it contains provides instant energy and fuel for working muscles. It is also rich in Vitamin B which is needed for testosterone production.
(16) Basil (a kind of plant that smells like peppermint used in cooking) increases circulation and is beneficial in stimulating sex drive.
(17) Cardamom (a kind of aromatic spice from the seed capsules of various East Indian plants) is a powerful aphrodisiac and is helpful in treating impotence.
(18) Fennel (a yellow-flowered herb used as flavoring) has a libido-enhancing effect as it is rich in an estrogen-like substance.
(19) Dark chocolate promotes the release of the feel good body chemicals called endorphins. Chocolate also provides small amount of anxiety-quelling tryptophan, arousing caffeine, and a few substances such as anandamaide and theobromine – that in large quantities work like a psychedelic drug and opiate respectively. So, you now understand why it is a popular gift during Valentine’s Day.
(20) Avocado increases both the male and female libido and contains Vitamin B6, which enhances the production of male hormone.
(21) Almond contains essential fatty acids which is important in the production of male hormones to regulate sex drive.
(22) Pomegranate, known by many as the love apple is an aphrodisiac that arouses sexual desire.
(23) Liquorice roots induce the production of estrogen which is essential for sexual functioning.
(24) Oats make wonderful energy booster and arouse the libido for greater sexual performance.
(25) Flaxseeds increase the testosterone level and consist of essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 which help to raise the production of sex hormones.
(26) Figs are rich in amino acids which increase the libido and boost sexual function.
(27) Red wine.
Moderate consumption of alcohol causes the body to relax by depressing the central nervous system. Red wine not only contains alcohol, but also pigments from grapes that block the male enzyme, phospodiesterase type 5. This blockage allows men to more easily achieve erections.
There you are, you can see here many food choices that can naturally boost your bodies own testosterone production.