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We have developed a robust rat model of myocardial infarction (MI). Here we describe the step-by-step protocol for.

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MANCHESTER — I’m writing to express concerns about the 350,000 Mainers with chronic nonmalignant pain and L.D. 1646, meant to better control dispensing pain medicine in Maine. As a federal expert witness and litigation consultant.

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Commercial space tourism company Blue Origin, and its overlord Jeff Bezos, have been pretty quiet over the last few months. But last week, the Amazon founder made his.

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Amazon is an unstoppable beast, consuming all industries that are ripe for disruption and unfortunate enough to cross its path. On Monday, its latest victim was the.

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The U.S. Air Force, in cooperation with NASA and the National Reconnaissance Office, has announced their certification strategy to allow competition for rocket launch contracts. This is after a Letter of Intent was signed by the three groups.

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Production set-up costs, using roll-to-roll printing technology, are around 100x less than silicon-based solutions. Although much of what we covered was already available online, he answered key questions (regarding patents,

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Nearly 60 percent of Oklahomans favor legalizing the use of marijuana for medical use, an organization that advocates for just that said Tuesday. Oklahomans for Health cited a survey taken in February by SoonerPoll.com as it prepares to.