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Treatment for heroin addiction or addiction to any other opiate is more effective the earlier in the addicts drug abuse career it can occur. So the ability to spot the trouble early is of major importance. Luckily, signs and symptoms of heroin addiction or some of the most obvious of any drug. Below are some of the more easily spotted red flags which can signify the abuse of opiates.
Behavioral changes to look for in the heroin abuser or heroin addict include a more sullen or solitary attitude, being less willing to socialize with non-users and having a new set of friends. Users often become more defensive and exhibit a drop in job performance or in academic work. Their interest in their own achievements can wane and projects which were once the center of their activities go untouched for long periods.
Sleep patterns will change in very short order. Periods of sleep and wakefulness can completely reverse. The amount of sleep required might also change. Rather than sleeping at night, a heroin abuser often spends the night-time hours working or talking with friends, then sleeping through the morning and most of the afternoon.
Physical changes occur with continued abuse of heroin. Constipation buy high quality kratom powder is very common in addicts, so laxatives are often used. Heroin causes nausea and frequent vomiting which leads to other problems such as rapid tooth decay and stomach problems.
Needle marks along the veins on arms and legs were once the most important indication of all, but in recent years, heroin is nearly as often smoked or snorted. Long sleeves can hide these marks, but in hot weather, sleeves can be compelling evidence too.
However, with new supplies of opium and heroin coming from Afghanistan and Central and South America, heroin is not only likely to be more pure, but also more powerful. This can open the door for snorting and smoking among those who might have an aversion for needles.
Wide mood swings are perhaps the most depressing changes in the life of the heroin addict. Moments of hyper-activity and enthusiasm can soon be replaced by buy depression, apathy high and lethargy. quality kratom These powder are some of the most obvious changes; they also are some of the most dangerous. With despair comes added risk taking, and overdose and other self-destructive behaviors account for many of the thousands of heroin deaths each year.
As was mentioned above, the sooner treatment for addiction to heroin or any opiate is commenced, the more likelihood of a successful outcome. And, the less permanent damage may have occurred, making full recovery more possible.