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Not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer have vampires been such hot stuff on the silver screen. This time, however, it is premium channel HBO bringing the bloodsuckers to life. True Blood is HBO’s newest addition to its continually impressive lineup of original dramatic series. In the midst of its second season on the air, the show has made quite a splash amongst critics and fans and made it HBO’s most popular series since the days of Sex and the City and The Sopranos. For those still smarting from the passing of those two beloved series, rest assured that True Blood has the best of both and then some.
True Blood is the story of a new breed of vampires, whose more normal lives have been made possible by newly developed synthetic blood. Instead of living in Transylvanian castles in the deep woods, preying on unwitting trespassers, they live in modular homes in the fictional North Louisiana town of Bon Temps, trying to make it just like everyone else in a world that is not always ready to accept them.
The show’s central demonic darling and protagonist is Sookie Stackhouse, played by a delightfully grown-up Anna Paquin of X-Men fame. Sookie is a waitress whose powers of telepathy are causing her considerable anguish until she meets Bill Compton, a 173-year old vampire whose otherworldliness keeps the thoughts in his head out of hers. Immediately charmed by the comfort he provides, Sookie falls for Bill and they strike up a relationship which grows and develops throughout the first two seasons.
A colorful assortment of characters fills out the cast: The owner of the restaurant which serves as a central setting of the show is also a shapeshifter. Sookie’s brother Jason is accused of murder, falls in with an anti-vampire hate group, and becomes addicted to vampire blood, whose powerful effects as an opiate have made it popular amongst recreational users. His dealer, Nelsan, is a gay prostitute and drug dealer. The town’s detective gets neither love nor respect from the town’s residents and ends up accused of murder himself.
Murder, kidnapping, mystery, and blood permeate the troubled lives of these characters, but there is plenty of room for love. The relationship between Sookie and Bill plays a central part in best kratom nigerian newspapers on the internet the series and provides steamy romance to complement all of the violence-one of their love scenes was voted Sexiest TV Moment at Bravo’s A-List Awards in 2009. Despite Jason’s contempt for vampires, one of his friends, Hoyt, finds himself romantically pursuing a young Bon Temps vampiress, and the other characters are involved in myriad love triangles that lead to lustful romance and violent heartbreak.
An examination of small-town Americana, a Goth thriller, a steamy romance, True Blood has something for everybody. Sci-fi buffs love that it has brought back one of their pet creatures, action buffs love the gore, and the more sexually-charged fans, well, they find plenty to enjoy in the series’ racy scenes. Moreover, it is visually stimulating and in high definition appears frighteningly real! The series has been a force on the industry awards circuit during its short existence, including three Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe win (Paquin for Best best Actress in kratom a Drama). nigerian newspapers The internet critics love it, the fans love it, and it is likely that you will, too. True Blood, which airs Sundays at 9pm, is riveting, sexy, and continually startling. Try it on HD at your own risk.