20x Kratom Extract

Okay so I have 4 grams of some legit 20x kratom. I was wondering the best dosage for me to give me the best euphoric high but not be too sleepy. I was thinking throw back 2 grams and go from there which would be the same as 40 grams leaf. I have a natural high tolerance to opiates as I have done 60mg.

With the correct kratom extract dosage, the medicinal benefits of standard kratom leaves can be multiplied many times over. Achieving intense effects from minimal doses, extract powders are an economical way to boost results for many users. However, the dosage weights you may be used to from other products need to be.

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Sep 17, 2008. An Experience with Kratom (20x extract). 'New Favorite' by Blue.

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Kratom Extract 50X Kratom by the SyndicateAn Experience with Kratom (20x extract). 'New Favorite' by Blue

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